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Bioinformatics Services
Asterace Labs offer a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke bioinformatics solutions for the analysis of data from genomic and proteomic platforms:

  Gene Expression
  SNP Genotyping and CNV analysis
  Methylation analysis
  Microarray Design
  mRNA data analysis
  microRNA data analysis
  High-throughput sequencing
  De novo assembly of novel genomes
  SNPs, indels and rearrangements analysis
  Genome annotation
  Transcriptome analysis
  Human Exome analysis
  ChIP-seq analysis (Protein-DNA interactions)
  Metagenomics analysis (microbial communities)

Customized projects, which will be developed in collaboration with our bioinformatics specialist to complement and complete our array-based services, we provide customized project support for experimental design and downstream data analysis. By working with you from the outset, we can help to optimize the statistical power and subsequent biological interpretation of your experiments.

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