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  • Introduction to bioinformatics and applications, Biological databases, Sequence analysis
  • Phylogenetic tree analysis and evolutionary trace residues analysis.
  • Protein sequence analysis (Primary and secondary)
  • Protein 3d strucutre prediction, model evaluation, active site pocket identification
  • Introduction to drug designing,
  • Molecular recognition, Lock-key model, Induced fit model
  • Protein-Ligand docking studies
  • Protein-protein docking studies, Molecular dynamics, Qsar

Denovo drug designing, Pharmacophore studies, ADMET

  • Sequence analysis, Phylogenetic tree analysis and Homology modeling
  • Sequence analysis, Homology modeling and Active site pocket identification
  • Protein Sequence analysis (Primary and secondary) and Protein 3D structure predictions.
  • Homology modleing and active site pocket identification
  • Homology modeling and molecular dynamics simulation studies
  • Homology modeling and docking studies
  • Homology modeling mutational studies and docking studies
  • Drug targets identification in pathogenic organisms and structure predictions
  • Protein- Ligand docking studies
  • Protein-Protein docking studies

-Ligand based drug designing
-2D and 3D Qsar
-Denovo drug designing
-Strucutre based Pharmacophore
-Ligand based Pharmacophore



Computer-aided drug design uses computational chemistry to discover, enhance, or study drugs and related biologically active molecules. The most fundamental goal is to predict whether a given molecule will bind to a target and if so how strongly. Molecular mechanics or molecular dynamics are most often used to predict the conformation of the small molecule and to model conformational changes in the biological target that may occur when the small molecule binds to it.


  • Ph.Ds in any science discipline
  • Postgraduates with specialization in any of the areas of molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, structural biology, genetics, chemistry, physics, statistics and biotechnology.
  • B. Pharm, M. Pharm, MBBS, MD, BE/B. Tech, ME/M.Tech etc.
  • Final year students of the above courses as a part of fulfilling their project work.
  • Students looking for Research opportunities abroad.
  • Research Scholars in any areas of life & chemical sciences.
  • Bachelors in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Life sciences, Biochemistry, Zoology, Botany and related discipline.

Course Goal

With the help of this course students will be able to find the following stages of drug discovery:

Sequence analysis
Protein modeling
Drug lead optimization
Physicochemical modeling
Drug bioavailability and activity
Hit identification using virtual screening (structure- or ligand-based design)
Hit-to-lead optimization of affinity and selectivity (structure-based design, QSAR, etc.)
Lead optimization of other pharmaceutical properties while maintaining affinity.