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No.1 Biotechnology Training Center in Hyderabad, India

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 Training /Services/Project works

  XRD Analysis (X-Ray Diffraction)
  DSC Analysis (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)
  DTA Analysis (Differential Thermal Analysis)
  TGA Analysis (Thermo Gravimetric Analysis)
  FTIR Analysis (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis)
  SEM Analysis (Scanning Electron Microscopy)
  Particle Size Analysis
  Zeta Potential Analysis
  Rotary Evaporation Service
  Viscosity Measurement Service
  UV Analysis
  LCMS Analysis
  HPLC Analysis
  GC Analysis
  HPTLC Analysis
  Spectro Fluorescence Analysis
  Dissolution Testing Service
  Tablet Compression Service (Bi-layered with Multi Tooling)
  Lyophilization Service
  Spray Drying Service
  Freeze Drying Service
  In – Vivo Studies (Pharmacokinetic Studies)
  Pharmacokinetic Data Analysis

Other Services

  Formulation development for NCE and polyhedral combinations
  Optimization of existing formulations
  Novel formulations for improved delivery of existing dosage forms
  Controlled release and sustained release formulations
  Evaluation of pre-formulation parameters
  Evaluation of post-formulation parameters
  Formulation stability analysis