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No.1 Biotechnology Training Center in Hyderabad, India

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 Training /Services/Project Includes :

  Microscopic Study of Leaf TS
 Microscopic Study of Leaf Paradermal
  Microscopic Study of Petiole TS
  Microscopic Study of Stem TS
  Microscopic Study of Flower TS
  Microscopic Study of Seed TS/LS
  Microscopic Study of Fruit TS
  Microscopic Study of Root TS
  Microscopic Study of Wood (TS. TLS. RLS)
  Microscopic Study of Bark ( TS, TLS, RLS)
  Powder Microscopy of Crude Drugs
  Determination of ASH Values
  Determination of Extractive Values

Phytochemistry Services

  Extraction of raw materials with different methods
  Phytochemical Analysis
  Isolation and characterization of Phytoconstituents
  Bioassay guided isolation and characterization for a specific activity (antidiabetic, antioxidant, antimicrobial )
  Physicochemical Analysis (ash values, moisture content, minerals content, extractive values etc)
  Flourescence Analysis
  Microscopic Study (TS, powder study, vein lets, vein termination, stomatal index etc)
  HPTLC and HPLC fingerprinting
  GCMS with library Data